Going Out of Business                                      The good news is our new store is thriving! The bad news is that work load does not allow enough time to keep up on our Three Pine Ranch business.  We will no longer by taking any orders starting November 1st. We are truly sorry and will miss all our loyal customers.

To our loyal customers:                                Our daughter, Jamie, just recently bought a huge (20,000 s.f.) antique and collectibles store in our home town, and with that blessing comes a lot of work, so unfortunately we have to downsize our Three Pine Ranch business.  We will keep most of our product line in Jamie's store while supplies last, but we have discontinued our products online and in our other store outlets to ease our work load. If you are local, please feel free to come take a look! We have so appreciated serving you all and while we regret that we cannot do both the store and our soap business, we are very excited about our new venture. We are so sorry for any inconvenience.

Our daughter, Jamie, recently opened an antique store in our hometown, Connell.  Its called "The Old Brick Store".  Check us out if you love antiques, collectibles, decor and so much more! 




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    Dena (Saturday, 09 January 2016 16:19)

    Just wanted to say we love your products, found you at the Christmas Moments. My daughter's skin has cleared up since using the soap filled luffa. I love my cinnamon/clove toothpaste, my deodorant, the body butter, lip balm, and the bar soaps. Thanks for all you do! The Neuhart family!

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    Deb Brumley (Wednesday, 13 May 2015 10:14)

    Please let me know when your clove soap is back in stock would like to order 4+ bars! TY debrabrumley@gmail.com

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    Todd Skiles (Tuesday, 30 December 2014 01:50)

    I just received a couple of bars of your soap. The smell is heaven! I couldn't wait to dive in. Almost wanted to take a shower right after the mail delivery! I've never used your soap or goat milk soap before. My skin is so soft and moisturized and I smell great! I'll definitely be back for more. Thanks.

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    Jill (Monday, 20 October 2014 19:36)

    (Friday, 03 October 2014 17:29)
    I wanted to update my review from earlier, as I have tried a few more products.

    The laundry soap base is wonderful. I used to use woolite for delicates, but now they put a lot of fragrance in it, and I can no longer use it. Your soap is the only one I can find that isn't full of skin-irritating ingredients. (Please never stop making it!) It gets my clothes very clean, and it is gentle enough to use on my delicates and wool clothing. Also, cooking the soap makes me feel like a homesteader. :-)

    The bee naturally beautiful face cream is probably the best moisturizer I've found - I have been using it for 9 months, and my skin is smoother, clearer, and happier than it has been in years.

    The Boo Boo Bee stick is great for cuts and scrapes and bites and burns. It seems to make everything heal very quickly.

    The toothpaste is fantastic. I told my dentist and hygienist that I'm brushing my teeth with dirt, and they both laughed at me - but approved of my choice. (No cavities, and very little plaque!)

    I have tried almost all of the Three Pine Ranch products, and I have been very impressed with them. Everything works as well as or better than commercial products, and the ingredient lists don't contain all of the junk I try hard to avoid. I highly recommend your products to anyone who has sensitive skin or who is interested in safe, natural body care.

    Many thanks for providing such a great line of products.

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    Deb (Monday, 21 April 2014 23:44)

    Repeat customer. Absolutely LOVE the cinnamon spice bar. I am almost out. Can't wait to get my order!

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    Shelby (Wednesday, 02 April 2014)

    I just received my order of three pines ranch products earlier today. I got the large gift basket so I could try each product. I really like the products :). The boo boo stick is great. My husband works a lot with his hands so I was able to immediately try this product out. It's in a easy to use package. It glides smoothly across cuts and keeps the dirt out and mouisterized preventing it from drying and cracking. I may have to stock up on these :). The bee amazing peppermint lip balm is "amazing". It melts right into your lips and softens them. The bee safe hand sanitizer is nice it absorbs quickly which I like a lot. The bee naturally fresh deoderant comes in a great size and applies smoothly it's been several hours and my underarms still feel fresh. The lotion bar is heaven sent lol. Once I learned how to use a lotion bar it works great on heels, elbows and I use it on my hands after u apply some a few min later your skin absorbs it and makes you smooth. The naturally beautiful face cream I love love love. No yucky ingredients all natural. It's different then a regular face mouisterizer and I prefer this one over the others. It's thin, smooths over skin easy, non greasy and your skin absorbs it very well. Also because of the texture of the face cream it can work as a primer for makeup. Use this under your foundation and your skin will be mouisterized and smooth over any imperfections. This is definitely a must have product. I have not used the natural laundry detergent yet however I just started to make it and any wait to use. The soaps all smell good, look good an when used they lather nicely an it's creamy :). I have not used the liquid goat milk soap yet but I'm sure I'll love it. Also I have not used the goat milk soap infused luffa but it looks good and ant wait to try it. The ladies that run this business are very friendly and there products are great. I would highly recommend to anyone ! :)

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    Jill (Saturday, 04 January 2014 17:02)

    I purchased a sample therapeutic wild orange and patchouli goat milk soap at a farmers market, and after I tried it, I went to the website to buy more. The soap smells heavenly, and it is very soothing to my skin. I have skin sensitivity issues, so I need to be very careful about what kinds of products I use, and all of the Three Pine Ranch products I've used have been great. Also, the beeswax lotion bar has done a great job keeping my hands soft this winter - and that's quite a feat... it's 20 degrees below zero outside! Many thanks for making such high-quality products. I look forward to trying the rest of them.

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    Anna (Tuesday, 31 December 2013 14:59)

    Hi Cari! Dan and Alana shared your website with us the other night when we met for a "catch up". This is very exciting and I have ordered a few of your goodies to try myself! Congratulations on this new venture. Sending our love ~ from Anna and Don McIalwain